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Rugby in college

Rugby has been played in universities in United States since the 1800s, but it was the 1960s when rugby really found a foothold in our colleges. Today, college rugby is one of the fastest growing club sports across college campuses with more than 30,000 registered college players.

Several schools have increased their investments in men's and women's rugby programs, by creating rugby programs with varsity or quasi-varsity status and funding for scholarships. Women's Rugby has been classified as an NCAA Emerging Sport since 2002.

Division 1-A Rugby (formerly known as the College Premier Division) is the highest level of college rugby within the United States.

For more info on how you can play rugby at university level you can visit the Rugger's Edge by clicking on their logo below.

There are many players from our club that have continued to play rugby in college, click on button below.

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