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  • Which division/age group should I register for?
    Youth rugby players are first grouped by age and weight. IMPORTANT: If your player has 1 or fewer seasons of rug by, we suggest registering for the youngest qualifying age group. If your player has more experience, please reach out to last season's coach via TeamSnap for age group placement guidance.
  • Can I try before I commit?
    Yes, we allow players to try it out before committing. Please come to our no-cost skills clinic on 27 May! RSVP now! Or, simply register (complete all steps but payment) and bring a signed waiver to the next scheduled practice.
  • What gear do I need to buy?
    The only required gear for rugby is a mouthguard. Many of our players like the Shock Doctor brand moldable guards, found at Dick's Sporting Goods or online. It's a good idea to buy 2, they get lost and chewed very quickly. Other helpful gear: Cleats are invaluable in getting good traction on the pitch during the ruck and scrum. Soccer cleats work well, as do formal rugby boots. Metal cleats are not permitted, nor are football or baseball cleats. Many ruggers wear a scrum cap. It adds a bit of padding and protection against a stray cleat and goes far to prevent outer ear injury. Some of our coaches do not permit their own children to play without a cap. High-quality caps can be found at (pro tip: measure your player's head before ordering.)
  • What about head protection?
    The head gear worn by some rugby players is called a scrum cap and it is optional to wear. Its main purpose is to protect the outer ears during the scrum. Some of our coaches do not permit their own children to play without a cap. High-quality caps can be found at (pro tip: measure your player's head before ordering.) It may be a good idea to wear a scum cap at younger age for two reasons. First, it sets good habits. Players who wear a cap when they are young are more likely to wear one when they get older. Second, it protects the head against scrapes and scratches. NOTE: A scrum cap is not a substitute for a helmet and does not protect against concussion. You protect yourself against concussion with proper tackling technique that takes your head out of the impact zone. .
  • Do you offer any financial aid or scholarships?
    Yes! We have need-based a scholarship program.
  • Do you offer refund?
    Yes and no. Our parent organizations, the national USA rugby and the state league SCYR, do NOT offer refund, so their portion of the fee is non-refundable. As a club, we refund our portion of the fees minus $20 for administration, if you cancel before the first game and you are able to return any gear. If you cancel after the first game, then we unfortunately cannot offer any refund.
  • What is included in the registration fee?
    The registration fee covers a practice T-shirt, game shorts, game socks, fields for practice and games, referees, athletic trainer at games (medic), game hosting (often includes free food for players), coaching, club equipment and USA rugby membership. The fees does not cover travel costs, mouthguard and cleats.
  • My child is small, can he play in a lower age division (play down)?"
    It is possible for smaller children to play in an younger age division, but it is carefully managed, requires weight and pictures and the coach has to agree and submit a reuqest to the league. As such, please register and talk to the coach at practice. If for some reason, your child's request to play down is rejected and you do not want him to play, then we will offer you a full refund.
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