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Pre-season #2 for U8-U18 registration is open,
just scroll down and register!

Age groups:

  • U8: Boys and girls under 8 years

    • Coach: Dorig Bocquet
  • U10: Boys and girls under 10 years

    • Coach: ​Tom Boles

    • Team mom: Heidi Boles

  • U12: Boys and girls under 12 years

    • Coach: James White

    • Team mom: Stephanie Peters

  • BU14: Boys under 14 years

    • Coach: Tavin Tyler

    • Team mom: Lauren Green

  • BU16/BU18: Boys under 18 and 16 years​

    • Coach: Jason Merrill, Charlie Pardon...

    • Team mom: Michelle Lundqvist

  • GU15/18:Girls under 18 and 15 years​

    • Mandy Wagner​


  • Location: Cardiff Sports Park

  • Days: Tusdays and Thursdays 

  • Times:

    • U8:     TBD ​

    • U10:   5:00 - 6:30 pm

    • U12:   7:00 - 8:30 pm

    • BU14: 7:00 - 8:30 pm

    • GU15: 7:00 - 8:30 pm

    • GU18: 7:00 - 8:30 pm

    • BU16: 7:30 - 9:00 pm

    • BU18: 7:30 - 9:00 pm


We begin January 12 with practices on Tuesday and Thursday until mid March.

Club Dues
Dues for the preseason will be $50 a child for U8-BU14, $120 for BU16/18 and $50 for GU15/GU18. 

Limits and Coaching

The changes and limits imposed by our Governor could see limits with regards to numbers so I encourage everyone to sign up as soon as you can as the States Youth Sport mandate requires that we have no more than 12 kids in a team and certain distancing rules need to apply.  To
accommodate as many as possible, we may have a number of teams per age group as to accommodate
as many as possible. Please have the athletes arrive to the fields with a face mask on.


When do I register?

Rugby is played over multiple seasons over the year. Depending on your players age the seasons are different. Look at the table on this web page and you can see when registeration is open for your child.

How do I register?

You will need to register in two seperate systems, once with us and once with the league (SCYR). If you scroll down you can see instructions how to register.

Can I try before I commit?

Yes, we allow players to try it out before committing. However, you have to to register before your child can participate in any practices or games. You can hold off on paying for a couple of practices until you are ready to commit. We also have a generous refund policy, see refund policy on this page.

What gear do I need to buy?

All your child need is a mouth guard and a pair of soccer cleats (CLICK HERE for more info). There is also an optional item called a scrum-cap worn on the head, see next question for more info.

Do I need get a head protection?

The head gear worn by some rugby players is called a scrum cap and it is optional to wear. Its main purpose is to protect the ears duing the scum. When adult players scrum, there is a lot of pressure on the players in the middle (also called the "tight five", i.e., props, locks and hooker) and their ears may rub and can get hurt. It may be a good idea to wear a scum cap at younger age for two reasons. First, if players do not wear it when they are young then it is more difficult to convince them to wear it when they get older. Second, it protects the head against scrapes and scratches. NOTE: A scrum cap is not a substitute for a helmet and does not protect against concussions. You protect yourself against concussions by proper tackling technqiue that takes your head out of the impact zone.

Do you offer any financial help or payment plans?

Yes, we offer payment plans and we have a scholarship program for parents who need financial help. Scroll down for moe information.

In what division will my child play (U8, U10...U18)?

The division goes by age, specifically the child's age on August 31. For example, if you child was 8 or 9 years old last August 31, then he/she will play in U10 since he/she is "under 10". Of course, he/she may since have turned 10 years old, which is OK. Up and including U12, the devisions are co-ed, i.e., boys and girls play together. At U14 level, they split up into boys (BU14) and girls (GU15). If you attend high-school, you can play U18 even if you are U19. The current set of divisions are: U8, U10, U12, BU14, GU15, BU16, BU18, GU18.

Do you offer refund?

Yes, we offer refunds. If you let us know at least two weeks before the first game and is able to return any gear we have provided, then we will provide you with a full refund minus $20 for administration cost. If you cancel after the first game, then we unfortunately cannot offer any refund. If you cancel right before the first game, then it is on a case-by-case bais, depending on whether we have committed and paid for the player to be part of the league.

What is included in the registration fee?

The registration fee covers a practice T-shirt, game shorts, game socks, fields for practice and games, referees, athletic trainer at games (medic), game hosting (often includes free food for players), coaching, club equipment and USA rugby membership. The fees does not cover travel costs, mouthguard and cleats.

My child is small, can he play in a lower age division (play down)?

It is possible for smaller children to play in an younger age division, but it is carefully managed, requires weight and pictures and the coach has to agree and submit a reuqest to the league. As such, please register and talk to the coach at practice. If for some reason, your child's request to play down is rejected and you do not want him to play, then we will offer you a full refund.

I want to try rugby before I commit at no cost. How does that work?

You have to register before participating in practice, but if you want to try before you commit then you can hold off paying for a few practices.

Overview of seasons


Winter (15s)


U8, U10, U12






Nov. - Mar.


Sep. - Feb.


Spring (15s)




BU16, BU18


GU15, GU18


Mar. - May


Jan. - Apr.


Summer 7s


U10, U12


BU14, BU16, BU18


GU15, GU18


Jun. - Aug.


Apr. - Jul.

Payment plan

For those families or players that are not able to pay the entire registration fee up front, we offer payment plans. Please contact us below to make a request. We are normally able to tailor a payment plan to works for both parties. Note, that any plan requires a minimum of $50 payment up front.


For those families or players in need of financial assistance to pay for our registration fees, we have a scholarship program in place. The funds available for scholarships are limited, so please apply early.

Follow these to steps to apply for a scholarship:

  1. Register online and instead of paying the full amount, pay $50. 

  2. Download the application form (click PDF below)

  3. Fill it out and scan or take a photo of it. 

  4. E-mail your application to the club at with subject "Scholarship Application"

NOTE 1: We will not process your application until you are fully registered, paid $50 and sent us a completed form

NOTE 2: If your scholarship application for some reason gets rejected, we will refund you the $50.

Ready to register?

  1. Click on the button below to go to our registration website (League Athletics). Login with your e-mail or create a new account.

  2. Select  division to register your child. Note the divisions are age regulated.

  3. Enter your and your player's contact information

  4. Enter healthcare insurance 

  5. Sign online waivers

  6. Pay. If you are on a payment plan or need to pay an outstanding balance for another reason, then click on "Make a payment" button below under "Payment plan".

NOTE 1: Your player cannot participate in any practice or game until you completed both these registrations.

NOTE 2: If you want to use a payment plan or need financial help, please scroll down to learn more about our scholarship program and payment plans. 


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