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Mail : 1345 Encinitas Blvd, #421, Encinitas, CA  92024

Phone: 760-920-6285

© 2018 Coastal Dragons Youth Rugby Club, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Team communication

We recommend that both players and parents install and use our smartphone app, see instructions below.

Our teams use it to communicate and to access team calendar and team roster.  Note, we encourage everyone to use this app, but it is not mandatory. You will receive emails and text messages according to your settings. If you want adjust these, please see instructions below. You can also view the calendar online, see below.

Install app

We use a smartphone app called SportsSignUp play. If you want to use it, follow these steps:

  1. Install the SSU play app on the smart-phone, see buttons below, and then start the app.

  2. Assuming you have access to email on your phone, then look for the button called "magic link" in the app. It will send you an email with a link and all you need to do is to click on it. Otherwise you can manually login with your email and password.

    NOTE: If a child wants to use the app, then make sure that they their own email associated with their account. You can confirm this using the instruction under "Email/text settings",

  3. Activate your team in the beginning of the season. When a new season start you need to select the team that you want access to, otherwise you will not see any messages or reminders. To do this you need to:

    • iOS (Apple): Click on "My Teams" at the bottom, click on "Favorites" at the top left corner, click on "Edit" in top right corner, activate team

    • Android: Click on "My Teams" at the bottom, click on big red plus sign in the bottom right, activate team.


Email/text settings

If you want to change how often you or your child receive reminders via text or email or add/correct an email or phone number do the following:

  1. Login to your account by click on button below.

  2. Click on your name (or another family member's name)

  3. At the bottom, you can make adjustments and click submit, e.g.,  to get notification for practices, games, both or none. If you don't want to receive any text messages, then select "No text messages" as your "Carrier".
    NOTE: We don't recommend to use "Do not email".

Add a 2nd parent

Follow this steps if you want to add an additional parent/guardian to the account to get email updates or install the smartphone app:

  1. Login to your account by click on button below.

  2. Click on green button called 
    "Add Guardian" and follow the prompts.

Send a message

There are several ways to send a message in SI play app:

  • Alert to entire team: Click  "Messages" at the bottom, select the team, select "Easyalert" in top right corner, write you message. Keep it short, since it will also go out as text message. The alert will go out to all players and parents via e-mail, text and in the SI app. Note, some parents or players may have opted out of e-mail and/or text. 

  • Alert to specific players: Follow the above, but when you get to the message screen, remove "entire team" in the "To" field and then pick specific players. The message goes to both player and parent.

  • Text or e-mail: Click on "My Teams" at the bottom, select team, click roster, find the coach/player you want, click on the "i" icon, click on the icon for e-mail, text or phone.

  • Team chat: These 'chats' are pushed to all team members in SI app, e.g., not via text nor e-mail. However, if a parent or player is not using the app, then they will not see these messages, so do not use it for critical communication.

Calendar overview

Team calendar

The best way to access the team's calendar is using our smartphone app. However, it is also available online.

You can access an individual team calendar by clicking on the button below. Make sure to select the correct season and team. 

You can also take look on the calendar overview shown on this page, which includes all teams.